Monarchy notes

Alfred 871-99

Edward the Elder 899-924

Athelstan 924-39

Edmund I 939-46

Eadred 946-55

Eadwig 955-59

Edgar 957-75

Edward the Martyr 975-8

Aethelred II 978-1013, 1014-16

Swein Forkbeard 1013-14

Edmund Ironside 1016

Cnut 1016-35

Harold Harefoot 1035-40

Harthacnut 1035-37, 1040-2

Edward the Confessor 1042-1066 (why not Edward I?) died childless, cousin of William the Conqueror

William I 1066-1087 died in a riding accident

William (Rufus) II 1087-1100 gay, never married, no children, 3rd son of William I, built Westminster Hall, shot by an arrow while hunting (accident?), 1096 first crusade

Henry I 1100-35 William II's brother (4th son of William I) but not named as successor, took throne, son William died in the White Ship disaster in 1120, named daughter Mathilda as successor

Stephen 1135-54 claimed throne when Henry I (his cousin) died suddenly, civil war with Mathilda and her supporters (The Anarchy, 1135-53)

Henry II 1154-89 Mathilda's son, married Eleanor of Aquitaine, strong and charismatic

Richard I 1189-99 Henry II's son

John 1199-1216 lost territories, Magna Carta 1215

Henry III 1216-72 son of John, built Westminster Abbey (1245-69), Barons' War (barons led by Simon de Montfort)

Edward I 1272-1307 "hammer of the Scots", conqueror of Wales

Edward II 1307-27 married Isabella of France but favourite was Piers Gaveston (then Hugh Despenser), Isabella went back to France and hooked up with Roger Mortimer, defeated in battle of Bannockburn, murdered in Berkeley Castle

Edward III 1327-77

Richard II 1377-99

Henry IV 1399-1413

Henry V 1413-22

Henry VI 1422-61, 1470-71 married Margaret of Anjou

Edward IV 1461-70, 1471-83

Edward V Apr-Jun 1483 one of the princes in the tower

Richard III 1483-85 killed the princes in the tower

Henry VII 1485-1509 first Tudor monarch

Henry VIII 1509-47

Edward VI 1547-53

Mary I 1553-58

Elizabeth I 1558-1603 last Tudor monarch

Stuart monarchs

Pussycat's favourite way of drinking

Pussycat will only drink water if it's from someone else's glass.

what would John Evelyn think of the Chelsea Flower Show

Seeing the Royal Hospital Chelsea in the background of the Chelsea Flower Show which John Evelyn helped to establish and knowing his interest in gardening and horticulture I was wondering what he would have thought of the flower show feeding frenzy.  I'm currently reading "John Evelyn and His Milieu" and just finished "John Evelyn His Life and Times" so I'm very much in Evelyn-mode. I have no conclusion about what he would have thought, it's just a question I'm raising.

meeting Peter O'Donnell

I love the Modesty Blaise stories written by Peter O'Donnell. I've been re-reading some of the strip stories recently so was thinking of the author. One of the special moments of my life is when I met Peter O'Donnell at a book signing. Actually I met him 3 times at different book signings: Murder One when it was in Denmark St in the mid-1980s, Murder One when it was in Charing Cross Rd in 1996 and Crime in Store (where I think this pic was taken) a book store in Store St (it no longer exists) August 2002.

17th Century

My obsession with the 17th century continues. Currently reading a book about John Evelyn (1620-1706) although I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle his entire diary yet. I have another lined up, although will read some light fiction in between. I like to alternate heavy and light reading. Hoping to get a book about Hugh Plat from the library. It sounds very interesting but it's new and expensive so if I can get it from my local library if they can borrow it from another as they don't actually have it.

the Shard is visible from everywhere

While walking through Clerkenwell and Finsbury yesterday I had a clear view of the Shard. I was reminded that I took a pic of it last year from my roof. I'll have to take a pic of the latest view this week.


Unlike many people I still use the public library. The service is hit and miss but I was pleased this week to find the latest (to me) books by Charlaine Harris and Janet Evanovich, not only in the library system but available and on the shelves (so many books are missing). I also recently borrowed a new biography of Margaret Beaufort.  I was first fascinated by her amazing life seeing David Starkey's Monarchy documentary.

I like to alternate "heavy" history books with light fiction so I was especially pleased to join Stephanie Plum in the Burg after following the origins of the Tudor dynasty in 15th century England.

I was interested to see some of Margaret Beaufort's (and her son's and grandson's books) in the British Library Illuminated Manuscripts exhibit. There's too much to see though! I spent 2 hours there and saw most but not everything.

The English Novel

There was a documentary on tv recently about the origins of the English novel. I made a note of the novels discussed so that I could read them (some I have already read):

Robinson Crusoe (1714)  by Daniel Defoe

Moll Flanders (1722) by Daniel Defoe

Gullivers Travels (1726) by Jonathan Swift

Pamela (1740) by Samuel Richardson

Clarissa (1748) by Samuel Richardson

Tom Jones (1749) by Henry Fielding

Tristram Shandy (1759) by Lawrence Sterne

The Castle of Otranto (1764) by Horace Walpole

Evelina (1778) by Frances Burney


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