building work images

initial Good Neighbours letter from Lakehouse received August 2012

Front of house:

back of the house

Initially the scaffolding was anchored to our chimney, without letting us know or asking our permission.

The builders took to just throwing their rubbish here in the bin shed (at 54 Kentish Town Rd), esp hurtful to see the drinks cans I gave them (they did not prefer Diet Coke but it was it was one of the few limited choices I had cold in the fridge that hot penultimate day, as was the Barrs cream soda). I ended up clearing this up myself (I didn't want to look at it when I started the gardening and no one else was going to) and I found a lot of building related rubbish - you'll have to trust me on that - it was so disgusting I couldn't stop to take further pics.

this was a pile of discarded mortar or concrete, some building material emptied from a mixing container and left to harden

this was another pile of mixture left to set in the garden, I dug it out and put it to the side

more set concrete on the front path

on the right can be seen the new paintwork so (until I asked the workman) he was not going to paint over where they damagaed my paintwork

lots and lots of cigarette butts on the roof, initially quite a shock, I had to pick them up regularly, no amount of complaints ever got the smoking stopped.

one day's collection

another day's

two day's of the collections

if you can see it (click for a larger image) there is a cigarette butt on the scaffolding here, I personally observed them smoking there

various debris, thrown on the roof, fell into front and back garden (screening completely inadequate)

fell into my garden, right by my front door, it could easily have hit me:

fractured piece of brick

gutter at one point:

debris thrown onto roof

debris I picked up which had been thrown onto the roof when he was supposed to be "cleaning up"

the most incredible amount of building debris fell on our roof, the tiles turned from bright orange/red to this greyish-beige, I dread to think how much washed down the downpipe and will be washed down in the future over time

Despite the screening massive amouts of debris ended up on our extension roof and garden

these next two pics were taken end of July after the work was completed, we're left with this to clean up

after the window was broken the glass was never cleaned up properly, these pieces of glass are still there end of July.

some rubbish the workmen swept from the front door and down the path but rather than pick it up they swept it into the garden, it was a windy day and starting to blow around so I picked it up myself:

workmen who catcalled and refused to give their names


waste on rose bush

lots of those black ties ended up in my front and back garden but I picked them all up before I thought to take a pic

a lot of stuff ended up on my balcony which was not cleaned off, including that bit of wood below which I had to remove myself

So much debris ended up in my pots by the front door I had to empty them. I was promised replacement compost but never received any.

debris left on roof and in the gutter, those black ties clogging up the gutter

lead abandoned on our roof, next 3 photos, which Lakehouse and Camden refused to take any responsibility for

The corner of the box gutter next door (on the other side of our house is completely soaked. No wonder the plaster is completely soaked on our side. The water has no where to flow.

The plaster on our side of the wall is soaked.

And in the middle of the box gutter of 54 Kentish Town Rd (on the other side of our wall) even more water, standing water.

This downpipe is where the water is supposed to be flowing.

Damage to the interior of the property is getting worse, not better, after all the building works next door to deal with this.


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